Even if you’ve never lived in Illinois, you probably know that Springfield was home to our nation’s sixteenth president, and one of its most famous political figures: Abraham Lincoln. And if you’re an Illinois resident from other parts, you may realize that Springfield is the state capital—which of course includes the governor’s mansion, general assembly, supreme court, and state offices— and the Sangamon County seat. You may also be aware that we host the Illinois State Fair each summer.

While these attractions remain a source of pride, there’s so much more to explore and appreciate within our community, which is a two-hour drive from Chicago, Indianapolis, and St. Louis. And it all begins with our people: 116,000-plus individuals who make Springfield the sixth largest city in the state, and second to none in our hearts. It’s a place where people have the time to make more than conversation. They make eye contact. They say hi. They shake your hand.

You won’t see many skyscrapers here. But you will see endless skies, stars in the darkness—and plenty of diverse attractions and distractions to fill your days and nights. For a relatively small town, Springfield offers more than its share of things to do, including indoor and outdoor recreational activities, educational institutions, historical museums, live theatre, shopping, and plenty of night life. These are the people and places that make our lives full, and meaningful.

Welcome to our town. And hopefully, yours: the real Springfield, Illinois.

Always Legendary: Springfield, Illinois

Always Legendary: Springfield, Illinois


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