Lincoln, IL

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital

Being named after Springfield’s most famous resident—and one of the nation’s most prominent presidents—is an honor we don’t take lightly at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital. In fact, we see it as a reminder that vision matters. That sure guidance creates positive results no matter the challenge at hand. And that new ideas are the key to lasting excellence.

Located in Lincoln, Illinois, we are a critical-access hospital that provides vital inpatient and outpatient services to our local communities. Our state-of-the-art, 25-bed facility with all-private rooms provides approximately 3,500 patient days of care and more than 40,000 outpatient visits annually. We have a lot to offer our professional teams as well, including:

  • One of the region’s top-rated clinical ladder programs
  • Various grants and opportunities to grow
  • Hands-on training, which incorporates the use of various clinical scenarios
  • Productive partnerships with colleges, including Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

Like our namesake, we’ve earned our share of accolades:

  • Most Wired
  • Top 100 CAHs
  • STEMI (Stat Heart)
  • CNOR Strong
  • Accreditations by TJC and CAP
  • Rated highly by our employees as a “Learn and Grow” facility
  • An original member of the BJC Collaborative

Do you feel that leadership is more than a word? And that your actions can make an important difference? Become a member of a team that appreciates your values: Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

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Learn more about the BJC Collaborative.








At the grand opening, Emil O. Stahlhut, the administrator, threw away the key to symbolize that the hospital doors are never closed and would always be open to those who needed its services.

Six days after the opening (April 8, 1954), patients from the Evangelical Deconess Hospital were transported by a team of nurses, doctors and ambulances to its successor, Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

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