You’ve probably wondered what makes the difference between a good nursing team and a great one. So have we. After thinking it through, we’ve determined that surpassing performance requires a comprehensive approach—one that extends beyond our patients to include their families, visitors, and the thousands of colleagues we interact with and depend upon.

To ensure that our nursing team is equipped to deliver the best possible care, we’ve invested the time, effort, and resources to prepare our nurses for anything–by providing everything they need to succeed.

Which is one reason—among many—that our two acute-care hospitals have achieved Magnet® designation.

Magnet represents the highest achievable distinction awarded by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Magnet recognition means we have met the gold standard for nursing excellence—and that we deliver compassionate, highly skilled care while achieving positive outcomes for our patients.

Opportunity exists for nursing professionals at every level on our team. Our orientation process features a transition-to-practice residency program for new nurses, including a support structure for new graduate nurses and hands-on training for their first 12-18 months with trained preceptors and veteran RN mentors. Our focus on professional development means that you can learn as much, and as quickly, as your aspirations allow.

We also offer ANCC-provided continuing education contact hours, an academic advising service, tuition reimbursement and educational grant programs, research opportunities, a professional nursing advancement ladder, summer internships and a Nursing Excellence Fund for resources to advance your nursing career. Additionally, we empower our nurses by encouraging nursing-led innovations as we seek to continually raise the bar of nursing excellence.

Still pondering the difference between the best and the rest among nursing employers? The answer is simple: All of the advantages you’ll find at Memorial Health System.

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