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The Technician operates within Memorial Health System's Corporate, Hospital and Divisional and Departmental mission, philosophy, goals and objectives. Under the direct supervision of a Registered Professional Nurse or a Licensed Physician/Mid-Level provider, assists in the delivery of care to patients within the Emergency Medical Services area(s). Performs a variety of tasks which include, but are not limited to, clerical and communications.  These tasks and duties are performed in accordance with both the established values and policies and procedures of the Department and Memorial Health System.

Required Skills

Routine Duties:

  • Checks, cleans, and stocks rooms with supplies and linens in preparation for daily work schedule. 
  • Obtains and returns supplies, Pharmacy, Central Supply etc. as directed.
  • Stocks supplies within the department.
  • Rotates stock and/or supplies and returning all outdated inventory to appropriate service/area.
  • Performs equipment checks as directed, reporting all instances of malfunctioning to the nurse in charge of the department at the time the malfunctioning is determined.
  • Maintains a clean, organized and therapeutic environment.
  • Utilizes supplies in a cost effective manner.
  • Cooperates with other personnel to achieve Medical Center and/or Department objectives.
  • Practices positive “Guest Relations” skills with public, with physicians, with other staff and other Medical Center personnel.
  • Documents appropriate tasks.

Patient Care Services:

  • Provides care to patients under the direction of a Registered Professional Nurse and/or Licensed Physician according to Memorial Medical Center policies, procedures and standards of care.
  • Maintains a level of clinical knowledge and skill commensurate with the level of patient care provided in accordance with the Department standards.
  • Assists in the admission of patients, (i.e. placing patients in room, preparation of patient for examination, obtaining initial and/or repeat vital signs, communicates any unusual circumstances to the Registered Professional Nurse and/or Licensed Physician).
  • Assists in the preparation and/or examination of the patient, (i.e. patient positioning, equipment, collection of specimens, surgical scrubs) while maintaining the privacy of the patients.
  • Assists in executing Physician orders, (i.e. drawing venous blood on patients ages 5 years and above, obtaining clean catch urine specimens, performing catherizations on patients ages 12 and above as directed, cannot perform any difficult catherizations that include the insertion of a coude catheter and inputting orders in the computer system).
  • Communicates with patient, family and/or significant other concerning procedures to be performed, anticipated waiting time and/or obtains information if unknown.
  • Maintains operating knowledge of both the Trauma and ACLS protocols that is demonstrated by appropriate room preparation, acquisition and preparation of appropriate equipment and recording of accurate, concise and legible notes.
  • Maintains an operating knowledge for providing appropriate assistance with various procedures (i.e. Splinting, Bandaging, Heat and Cold Applications, Cast Application and/or removal, oxygen application and maintenance, electrode placement and use of monitoring equipment, application of oral suctioning, preparation for suture application, cannot do any wound closure such as derma bond, steri-strips or sutures, can only apply steri-strips to wounds that are already closed and edges of the wound have been approximated, glucose monitoring and EKG application and testing.
  • Transports patients in an appropriate manner with appropriate records.
  • Maintains a level of clinical knowledge and skill commensurate with the level of patient care provided in accordance with the Department standards.
  • Maintains appropriate documentation skills.
  • Performs clerical functions (i.e. receives, opens and distributes mail; answers, places and routes telephone calls and pages utilizing appropriate communication skills and procedures; maintains appropriate level of clerical supplies; manages Radiology communication slips appropriately; processes completed ED patient record accurately, timely, and in a appropriate manner; transmits records to attending physicians in accordance with Department policy and procedures).
  • Communicates with Pre-Hospital personnel in accordance with Department policy and procedures utilizing appropriate communications equipment and logs.
  • Communicates appropriately utilizing the TTY equipment.
  • Understands and functions appropriately for all Medical Center and Department “Conditions”.
  • Provides preceptor functions as directed by Manager and/or Supervisor.
  • Maintains familiarization with location and operation of equipment and procedure manuals for Department.
  • Practices appropriately for the safety of patients, (i.e., uses side rails appropriately, disposes of infectious waste appropriately, addresses spill appropriately and initiates incident reports as appropriate)
  • Demonstrates professionalism (i.e., attends or reviews 75% of staff meetings minutes, documenting review with signature and date; actively pursues opportunity to increase knowledge within area of responsibility; maintain patient confidentiality; complies with professional appearance policy; presents at work on time and maintains satisfactory attendance in accordance with department Ill/Absent policy).
  • Participates in collecting data for Quality Improvement activities, assists in identifying patient care problems for study and applies Quality Improvement findings to patient care.

Required Experience


  • High school diploma or GED preferred.
  • One of the following required:
    • Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA);
    • Completion of Medical Assistant program
    • Illinois Department of Public Health EMT certificate or National Registry EMT (NREMT)


  • Demonstration of the ability to perform adequate CPR with a current CPR card.

Other Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:

  • Demonstration of the ability to write and/or print legibly and accurately.
  • Successful completion of Unit-Based orientation and clinical guidelines.

Minimum Yearly Requirements to Maintain Current Position:

  • Attendance at all mandatory in-services.
  • Successful completion of all required unit specific training programs.
  • Submission, one month prior to anniversary date, to the Nurse Manager documentation validating completing of the annual requirements.
  • Meets credit range for the Clinical Ladder levels as follows (12 months experience as an EMS is required in order to apply for promotion in the clinical ladder):
    • Emergency Medical Technician I: Employee who achieves a range of 0-20 credits on the Clinical Ladder Behavior Grid
    • Emergency Medical Technician II: Employee who achieves a range of 21-40 credits on the Clinical Ladder Behavior Grid with evidence of behaviors from at least two categories of the Grid.Emergency Medical Technician III:  Employee who achieves a range of 41 credits and above on the Clinical Ladder Behavior Grid with evidence of behaviors from at least three categories of the Grid.

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Springfield, Illinois
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