Data Engineer

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Under the direct supervision of the manager of data engineering, responsible for engineering, testing and maintaining the functionality and integrity of data pipelines and other data assets in order to make data accessible and useful for data analytics consumers throughout Memorial Health System.

Required Skills

  • Builds, manages and optimizes data pipelines and moves them into production.
  • Collects, collates, cleanses and synthesizes data to derive meaningful and actionable insights.
  • Integrates and separates data feeds in order to map, produce, transform and test new data assets.
  • Develops fit for purpose, resilient, scalable and future-proof data services to meet user needs.
  • Designs, writes and iterates code from prototype to production-ready.
  • Designs, writes and deploys data visualization and data reporting assets.
  • Troubleshoots problems and tunes for performance.
  • Develops and manages data asset documentation.
  • Participates in development opportunities including but not limited to quality and leadership classes as determined by manager and employee. (MHS, vendor, or scholastic provider; member of professional society).
  • Performs other related work as required or requested.

Required Experience


  • Education equivalent to an Associate’s degree in computer science, statistics, applied mathematics, data management, information systems, information science or a related quantitative field is required. Bachelor’s degree is preferred.
  • 3 Years of Applied Data Engineering experience required in lieu of educational requirements.


  • Certifications in SQL or Data Engineering (such as those offered by Microsoft or Google) preferred


  • At least one year or more of work experience in data management disciplines including data integration, report writing, data quality, and/or other areas directly relevant to data engineering responsibilities and tasks.
  • At least one year of experience working in cross-functional teams and collaborating with business stakeholders.

Other Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:

  • Has a working knowledge of handling large and diverse datasets, parsing and understanding the data, and then building, managing and operationalizing data pipelines. Must be able to, independently or with guidance, provision datasets quickly across multiple, distributed and often diverse datasets within and outside the organizational boundaries.
  • Has a working knowledge of a range of coding tools and languages. Specifically must be well versed in SQL Management Studio and TSQL, and have an awareness or ability to learn Oracle SQL Developer, PL-SQL, and Postgres SQL. Must also be able to identify the applicability of, and appropriate utilize these various coding and programming languages, often with the assistance of senior data engineers or the data engineering manager. Understands security, accessibility and version control.
  • Will work side by side with domain experts in business groups and with data scientists and analysts to frame the business problem, integrate the needed data, and determine the best way to provision that data on demand, often with the assistance of senior data engineers or the data engineering manager.
  • Working experience with cloud technologies is not required, but is preferred.
  • Is able to communicate effectively across organizational and technical boundaries, making complex and technical information and language simple and accessible for non-technical audiences.
  • Is aware of and keeps up to date with advances in digital analytics tools and data manipulation products.
  • Has an awareness of the process and or team resources available to logs, analyze and manage problems in order to identify and implement the appropriate solution. Ensures that the problem is fixed, often with the assistance of senior data engineers or the data engineering manager.
  • Have an awareness of the skills and concepts required to build, populate and manage visualization and/or reporting assets. Tableau experience is preferred.
  • Demonstrated problem solving skills and ability to consistently exercise sound judgment and initiative in all circumstances, including very stressful situations.
  • Demonstrated effective written and verbal communication in performing assigned duties.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with all levels of staff both in and outside of IT essential.

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Job Location

Springfield, Illinois
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