Pharmacy Technician

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Decatur, Illinois


Under the supervision of a registered pharmacist, compounds and dispenses medications and pharmaceutical supplies.

Required Skills

  • Under the direct supervision of a registered pharmacist performs the following duties:
    • Prepares and delivers parenteral products for routine, urgent, and immediate orders in compliance with United States Pharmacopeia Chapter 797.
      • Prepares sterile products using aseptic technique and assigns appropriate beyond-use dates as defined in Chapter 797.
      • Appropriately evaluates the integrity of parenteral products returned to the department and if acceptable to do so, returns to inventory for reuse.
      • Monitors and maintains ISO classified spaces as defined in Chapter 797 according to standard operating procedures for environmental sampling and cleaning and disinfection.
      • Maintains equipment associated with sterile compounding, including primary engineering controls.
      • Documents sterile compounding activities, monitoring, and maintenance of ISO classified spaces as necessary.
      • Performs batch compounding according to master formulation records.
      • Maintains competencies for compounding activities
    • Fills prescriptions from bulk stock.
      • Unit doses medications and labels with required information using the automated packaging machine or hazardous drug packaging supplies.
      • Fills bottles, capsules, or other package forms with measured amounts of medication according to the prescription.
    • Promptly refills and replaces EMT boxes, crash cart trays and other trays and completes documentation as required.
    • Delivers prescriptions to the various nursing units on demand.
    • Completes automated dispensing cabinet stocking activities.
      • Accurately pulls and fills medications for automated dispensing cabinets. Maintains and files required reports and information.
      • Brings back automated dispensing cabinet returns, assesses integrity, and returns to pharmacy stock.
    • Fills prescriptions for outpatient hospice.
  • Checks in and puts orders away, double checking the integrity of barcodes, and files associated paperwork.
  • Performs assigned quality control activities on schedule.
    • Removes outdated and recalled medication from stock and quarantines as necessary.
    • Records refrigerator temperatures as necessary.
    • Performs medication storage area inspections and cleaning.
    • Performs medication storage inspections in medical group offices.
  • Runs reports for automated dispensing cabinets as necessary.
  • Maintains good staff and customer relations; provides courteous, cooperative services.
  • Shares responsibility for answering telephone calls and assisting hospital staff at service window.
    • Complete information is taken from caller.
    • Directs callers to the appropriate staff member.
  • Participates in pharmacy performance improvement activities.
  • Recognizes periods of decreased workload and seeks out secondary activities.
  • Meets State of Illinois educational requirements for Pharmacy technician license renewal; completes all hospital required education, and pursues other educational opportunities.
  • Functions as a team member in the department and promotes teamwork.
    • Demonstrates a strong knowledge of the technician and pharmacist work routines.
    • Shift responsibilities are completed in a timely manner.
    • Assistance is provided to others in their duties as time permits.
    • Changes in workflow and assignments are accepted readily.
    • Assigned work is not left for the next shift.
  • Takes an active role in the training of new pharmacy technicians according to the new technician training checklist.
  • Performs other duties as required.

Required Experience


High school graduate or equivalent.

Current registration or eligibility for licensure with the State of Illinois for practice as a pharmacy technician. Must provide proof of licensure within 30 days of hire. Pharmacy technician licenses issued after December 31, 2007 must have Certified designation by second renewal in accordance with Section 9 of the Illinois Pharmacy Practice Act.

Previous experience in health-system pharmacy and experience with sterile compounding preferred

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