Advanced Practice Provider, ICU

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Decatur, Illinois


This Provider's scope of practice will include the following and be under the supervision of the attending pulmonary care physician: 

  1. Evaluation of patients with a requested consult from pulmonary or critical care services
  2. Documentation of H&P, progress notes, status updates, discharge summaries and consultant communications
  3. Treating patients, planning orders, conducting family discussions, communicating with patients, and communicating with nurses and staff
  4. Responding to in-house code blue, assisting with critical care as requested, completing consults in the ED, ICU and on the floors.
  5. Transition care of patients amongst physicians and APPs
  6. Establishing and maintaining competency in critical care procedures under the direct or indirect supevision of the ICU physician, including:
    • Central line placement/removal
    • Ultrasound assessment
    • Arterial line placement/removal
    • Endotracheal intubation/estubation
    • Ventilator management
    • Chest tube management/removal
    • Wound care - I&D, sutures, simple debridement
  7. Maintain professional license and certification as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant
  8. Maintain controlled substance and DEA licensure
  9. Participate in quality improvement initiatives within the pulmonary critical care service line

Required Experience

  1. APN or PA Certification
  2. Experience in critical care preferred

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