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Springfield, Illinois


Provides consultation services working in partnership with Transformation Division and Human Resources leaders and colleagues as well as internal and external clients to identify, develop and implement onboarding programs that enhance colleague engagement and support retention for first year of service colleagues.

Required Skills

  1. Serves as a coordinator for MHS onboarding program to help all new colleagues assimilate into the MHS culture and maximize potential for success in their new role while improving loyalty to the organization.
  1. Continually assesses new colleague onboarding needs at the group and individual level and determine recommendations for organization, leadership, team or individual programs, interventions and initiatives.
  1. Plan, develop, deliver and evaluate solutions to achieve target retention for all new colleagues in support of organization goals.
  1. Partners with internal clients to establish mutual consent, set expectations and create mutually agreed upon contract for individual programs, interventions and initiatives.
  1. Conducts needs assessments, competency assessments and gap analysis as necessary to assist in the identification of problem. Utilizes Flawless Consulting method for discovering and analyzing human performance gaps.
  1. Plans for future improvements in human performance gaps by designing and developing interventions and solutions to close those gaps. Serves as a change champion by modeling the behaviors associated with MHS’s change management model to support the implementation of large-scale changes within the health system.
  1. Conduct appropriate post implementation evaluation to determine if needs were met, and utilize feedback for continuous improvement.
  1. Partners with OD Analyst to analyze and report on key performance indicators and metrics to provide meaningful reports to understand utilization, improvement, impact and opportunities related to onboarding programs and First Year of Service Retention of colleagues. Researches and documents the effectiveness of efforts and implements change to continually improve outcomes and services offered.
  1. Serves as subject matter expert and facilitator of educational offerings to foster onboarding of new colleagues. Ensure educational programs are innovative, experiential and will further develop the workforce to equip them with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to position them for success.

  2. Leads workgroup of colleagues involved in onboarding programs (including affiliate specific onboarding, leader onboarding, nursing team onboarding) to ensure continuity of content, complimentary program design, and continuous improvement, and accountability to first year of service turnover metrics.

  3. Interfaces with Human Resources colleagues to improve onboarding experience through improvement of pre-hire interactions, as well as collaborates with employee relations representatives to address any performance or behavioral issues identified during first year of service. Counsels leaders on resources to utilize for seeking solutions to new colleague challenges.
  1. Collaborates directly with hiring managers to design department specific onboarding plans and designs systems for follow up and accountability to ensure effectiveness of plan through first year of service of new colleagues.
  1. Develops and enhances relationship and job embeddedness of new colleagues through ongoing interaction and intervention throughout first year of service through focused onboarding initiatives such as Workplace groups, feedback sessions, direct outreach, and group coaching.

  2. Requisitions supplies and equipment as needed for onboarding learning opportunities and programs. Assists in the care and maintenance of department equipment, supplies, and the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation.
  1. Manages large amounts of sensitive, confidential information concerning personnel, financial, strategic, and business information contained in minutes, letters and other documents, as well as through meetings, discussions and interventions. Maintains strict confidentiality concerning all correspondence and job-related activities. Develops and maintains productive relationships with System Leadership Team, leaders, and colleagues to aid in MHS goal and objective accomplishment

  2. Participates in community outreach and networking programs to support Memorial’s Center for Learning and Innovation to include conducting tours of the facilities, participating in public relations activities, and performing community service in support of Memorial Health System.
  1. Serves as resource person on committees, task forces, meetings and activities to assist the hospital and system achieve strategic objectives.
  1. Maintains professional affiliations as appropriate. Enhances professional growth and development through participation in education programs, current literature, in-service meetings/ seminars, and workshops.
  1. Performs other related work as required or requested.


The intent of this job description is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job.  Incumbents may be requested to perform tasks other than those specifically presented in this description.





Required Experience


  • Master’s degree in human resources, education, organization development, communication, healthcare administration, organization psychology, or related field required.
  • Five (5) years of previous experience with human resources or organization development may be considered in lieu of educational requirements. 


  • Association for Talent Development Improving Human Performance Certificate within two years of hire.
  • Designed Learning Flawless Consulting Certification within one year of hire.


  • Minimum of three to five years’ experience in organization development, human resources, workforce development or business with proven consultative and diagnostic skills.

Other Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:

  • Achievement Orientation: Possesses a concern for surpassing a standard of excellence, either by striving for improvement of one’s own performance, outperforming others, or by setting goals to achieve something that has not been previously done.
  • Analytical Thinking: Ability to understand a situation, issue or problem by breaking it into smaller pieces, or tracking its implications in a step-by-step way.  
  • Collaboration: Ability to work cooperatively and inclusively with other individuals and/or teams not formally lead; working together as opposed to working separately or competitively.
  • Impact and Influence: Ability to persuade, convince, influence or impress others in order to get them to go along with or to support one’s opinion or position; able to understand others interests and motivations, in order to have a specific impact, effect, or impression on them and/or convince them to take a specific course of action.
  • Initiative: Ability to identify a problem, obstacle or opportunity and then take action in light of identification to address current or future problems or opportunities.
  • Organization Awareness: Ability to understand and learn the formal and informal decision making structures and power relationships in an organization or industry, including the ability to identify who the real decision makers are and the individuals who can influence them, and to predict how new events will affect individuals and groups within the organization.  
  • Relationship and Network Development: Ability to establish, build and sustain professional contacts for the purpose of building networks of people with similar goals that support similar interests.
  • Self-Confidence: Possesses a belief in one’s own capability to accomplish a task and select an effective approach to a task or problem.

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