Memorial Health System places a tremendous value upon education as a vital, lifelong process. This philosophy keeps our teams informed of the latest advancements, and keeps our patients on track to the best possible outcomes. Whether you’re a nursing student, a recent nursing graduate, or a high school student with an interest in the field of medicine, you’re likely to find a program, scholarship, grant, or workshop that benefits your career—and our pipeline of top talent.

Nursing Internship 2016

Nursing Internship


Memorial Medical Center’s summer internship program for student nurses is designed to deepen your understanding of the multifaceted role of the RN. Working alongside members of our nursing team will help you learn to act and think like a nurse, sharpen your assessment and critical-thinking skills and develop relationships with clinical professionals throughout the hospital.

This is a highly competitive, full-time paid summer internship lasting up to six weeks. During this unique experience, you will also have an opportunity to discuss unit and hospital quality initiatives and review as a group any new research in these areas. At the end of the summer, you will understand the professional role of the registered nurse and how nurses assess and meet the needs of their units. It’s an exciting time to be a nurse!

Summer Nurse Intern experiences are available in medical/surgical nursing in specialties such as cardiology, neuroscience, renal (including
transplantation), plastic surgery and post-trauma areas. Also available are specialty experiences such as preoperative services, psychiatry or the emergency department. Interns will be able to indicate their preferences during the application process.

Applicants must successfully complete at least their junior year in a nursing program prior to the start of the internship. Enrollment in a BSN program and a grade point average of 3.25 on 4.0 scale is required. Applicants also must hold current certification in CPR by the beginning date of the internship.

The Student Nurse Internship is 6 weeks long and will start on May 27, 2021.

Applications for our 2021 Internship are now open! Click here to apply.

All application materials are due prior to interviewing.

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